About Us

<H3> Who are we? </ H3>

<P> - We are free associations of producers of any product or service and services </ p>

<P> We have voluntarily joined together here in the socio-economic network - NM-market market to expand sales of our products and services </ p>

<H3> What is our goal? </ H3>

<P> Our goal is to create additional conditions for the turnover to all manufactured products have been sold! </ P>

<P> To do this, we are introducing as part of our closed private network of social and economic means of their local vzimoraschetov: special technology behalf of Money (Named Money - NM, Pojmenované Peníze - PP, 命名 钱) </ p>.

But this does not happen because the buyers is not enough money.
Our goal is to at least partially compensate for the lack of money from buyers and promote trade in spite of the shortage of money.

<br> The main reason that this happens is the lack of money from the buyer.
<br> Our service is designed to partially compensate the buyer money deficit (the first stage).
<br> <h3> To whom our service? </ h3>