USD/EURO The rate USD/EURO 1,23/1,0

Welcome to our Private Network Market of Named Money.
Named Money is the IOUs of manufacturer or distributor of any product, service.

To trade here, on the Private Network Market NM, you can use IOUs by market participants. These IOUs we call Named Money.

Named Money are generated by market participants. Each participant creates his own NM and he setup it's exchange rate.

Named Money of particular market participant - Bank IM we will callas the Information Money. The task of this NM is commensurate between different NM of market participants and convert they into ordinary Flexible Money.

We recommend to use Named Money when:

  • you do not have money for regular trade or
  • price of the product seems too high.

In order to trade with the NM as with conventional money enough presence of three market participants willing to use this form of settlement.

Why we need these Named Money? - Because ordinary money is made so that they never are enough.

The ordinary money has value only when they are not enough. It's looks a ridiculous but we inherited this type of money from the ancient times when the money was invented. In those days the resources for the life of the people lacked. Then scarcity of money was well justified.

Today, when industrial production is able to meet any need for the entire population, it is necessary that the customers always had the money to buy it.

But the money and the financial system is virtually no change over the last thousand years. And the shortage of money for trade makes the abundance of goods in warehouses of manufacturers into the deficit of the goods for consumers.


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